Wilder's Whole World

By: Dwayne Wilder


This concept is obvious but occasionally, it is nice to study and discuss teamwork. As one of the hallmarks of human success, it cannot be given enough credit.
At my son’s soccer practice this week, I heard the coach scream this word over and over. He emphasized that no one person can win a soccer game; it takes the entire team and therefore, it takes teamwork. He spent much of the practice doing drills and isolating situations that required two or more players work in unison. If done successfully, the entire team will benefit from the ‘win,’ not just one player.
The Texas Rangers are where they are in the playoffs this season because all the players are working together to enjoy a mutually successful outcome; in other words, teamwork. It’s not all Josh Hamilton or Michael Young. No, Mike Napoli hits in the game winner occasionally or Ian Kinsler will get a crucial hit or make a great defensive play. Every player depends on all teammates and it works.
Earlier this summer, the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship because all the players were willing to work with one another to achieve a goal. It was such a dramatic departure from their opponents: the Miami Heat, where three ‘superstars’ were more important than the other players. The Mavs played the game as it was meant to be played so they scored more points than the other ‘team.’
What’s so amazing about teamwork is that it can be applied anywhere there are two or more humans. Even in prehistoric times, if a group wanted a mammoth or mastodon, they had to work with each other to take down the great animal. No one man could do it alone; the animal was just too big and fierce for one human. So, cooperation literally meant the difference between life and death.
Even young children learn quickly that getting the cookies off the counter may require one of them to get on all fours so another can stand on a back in order to reach the treat for all involved. In play and in games, preschoolers learn that sometimes it takes two or a group to achieve what the individual wants. But the best part is that all the individuals involved get to reap the reward.
Duos, duets, couples, pairs all have that cooperative effort going for them. The list in entertainment is endless: Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Smothers Brothers, Stiller and Meara, Donnie and Marie, Tony Bennett and just about anyone else these days and so on and on. They know that the song or the joke is much better when it comes from a set of persons who feed off one another.
Any act of building something takes the sweat and talents of more than one. If you are just building a soapbox derby car with your son, it takes both of you. Building a house takes a group of people putting in their efforts together. What about fighting a war? Every one of those guys is part of your unit or team; you depend on each as they depend on you. Literally, your life depends on it.
The art of writing takes the author and the audience to achieve a complete unison of minds. If I write a column such as this, it is worthless unless someone else reads it and understands what I have written. Performers are the same way; they feed off the audiences in the cooperative arrangement of artist and patron. It is something special that happens and we should never lose sight of it……………….

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